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At A Glance - Our Fabulous ENGLISH Made Wormcity Wormery Range, All Supplied With 500g Mixed Composting Worms (Or Voucher) Bedding & Food

Smaller Families
(1 or 2 people See Below *)
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75 Litres
Built Height 43x43x75 | 95 cm’s
1 / 3 People
Comes With 500g Worms, Worm Food, Bedding,

Wormcity Wormery
75 Litre

The Wormcity 75 Litre wormeries are good for smaller families (1 – 3 people), It takes around 2 months per tray to go from waste to compost. If you only had two trays it is possible that both trays would be full, but the bottom would still be uncomposted. Adding the extra tray gives more time for the worms to do their magic!.
Normal Families
(2 + People)
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100 Litres
Built Height 43x43x 110 cm's
3 / 4+ People
Comes With 500g Worms, Worm Food, Bedding,

Wormcity Wormery
100 Litre

The Wormcity 100Litre is our best selling wormery. Its always best to buy the biggest wormery you can, as having more trays makes it more efficient and easier to separate the worms from the finished product. This is because the worms will be in the top composting trays with all the fresh food, whilst the middle trays are 'breaking down' and the bottom trays are fully composted.

(NO Worms, Bedding Or Food)
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£72 £82
75 L 100 L
Built Height 43x43x 75 - 110 cm’s
1 - 5 People

Wormcity Wormery

The Wormcity housing is exactly the same as our other wormeries however it does not contain worms, bedding or worm food. This wormery is perfect for those who want to upgrade an existing wormery. The housing comes with a tap and instructions.

Gardeners World Best Buy Our Best Selling English made Wormcity Wormery  

Winner Of Gardeners World Best Buy Wormery

We are really pleased to introduce you to our very own custom-made wormery.

This fabulous wormery has been designed, created and manufactured to our specifications here in our home county of Hampshire, England.

We think there are lots of reasons why you should buy this wormery over other similar models. 

But don’t just take our word for it as we have been awarded the Number 1 spot in the Gardener’s World Best Buy Wormery with a score of 19/20

Here are just a few more reasons, so you can decide for yourself.

  Country Of Manufacture

 The first reason is that it is made locally, we believe that its important for a product that has been created to help the environment  should be just that, environmentally friendly. We didn’t want to import from China or Australia like our competitors, so we made our own. 

We are proud that this is the only plastic stacking wormery specifically designed for worm composting, manufactured in Southampton England.


Size (Volume)

If you are going to buy a wormery, you want one that will fit your needs – and be able to cope with normal family wastage.

Unfortunately, many similar looking worm composters that are on the market that are sold as ‘ family size ‘ aren’t unless you buy extra trays.

We have independently measured some of our competitors’ wormeries and know that the common 2, 3 or 4 tray wormery that are sold measure just 32, 48 litres and 64 litres respectively.

This equates to just under 16 litres volume per tray.

The Wormcity wormery, however, is 25.2 litres per tray, so a 3 tray wormery is 75 litres, and the 4 tray is 100 litres. Substantially bigger

Doing the maths you would need a competitors 5 tray wormery to equal the size of our 3 tray model. 

This does not mean that it takes up more room, it just means that our trays are deeper
Cheaper does NOT equal better

Wormcity Wormery

A Stable Base.

The Wormcity Wormery is sat on a square base, this is very strong and secure. No legs to fall off or overturn.

Worm steps in the sump.

Although composting worms live on the surface, some naughty ones seem to want to live in the sump. 

Therefore our sump has steps upwards so that the worms can keep out of the liquid and can get back up into the trays. 

The steps also allow the worms from sliding back into the sump.


Made From Recycled Plastic

Not only has this wormery been made from recycled English plastic but it also has a UV (ultraviolet) protection. 

This means that the plastic won’t go brittle in the sun.

We are so sure of its quality that we give a 5-year warranty.



These are the most important part of a wormery as the more you start off with, the more they will eat and the better your success rate.

Our competitors only supply 100 worms.  We send 500g (approx) of them (400-600 worms depending on maturity size).  

Don’t start a wormery up with less as it will take too long to establish.

Each Wormcity wormery contains the following

  • 2 / 3 / 4  Composting Trays
  • Sump (for Liquid Collection)
  • Easy Turn Tap and Back Nut
  • Lid
  • 2 x Screws and Wingnuts
  • Instructions
  • Colour = Dark Green / Black
  • Coir Block (Makes 9 Litres of Initial Bedding)
  • 500g (approx) Mixed Composting Worms (or More) Or A FREE Voucher
  • Worm Food


Approximate Dimensions When Built:-

  • 50 Litre    43x43x80 cm’s
  • 75 Litre   43x43x95 cm’s
  • 100 Litre 43x43x110 cm’s

Each Tray is 43x43x17cms and holds 25.2 litres of compost

Wormcity WormeryHow does The Wormcity Wormery work?

Composting worms differ from normal garden worms as they live near the surface and eat the decaying vegetation from gardens and forests. 

You will find them in manure heaps, compost bins and sometimes under bricks, stones and logs.

The Wormcity Wormery has been specially designed to take advantage of their lifestyle.

Basically, our wormery contains a series of composting trays, each one has small holes in the base. 

You start off with one tray that contains the worms and your kitchen waste. When this is full, you simply add the next tray on top and start filling it up and continue with the other trays.

The worms will eat the kitchen waste in the bottom level, and because they are surface dwellers, they will move upwards through the holes into the tray above and start to consume the kitchen waste in this level – then move upwards again, leaving behind vermicompost (worm poo) which you can use on your garden.

When they eventually reach the top tray, the food in the lowest tray should be completely composted and can be used in the garden, and the empty tray replaced back on the top.

It sounds complicated, but its really very easy and only takes a few minutes each week.

Wormeries make fabulous unusual presents. 

Kids love them as they are great fun and educational, Fishermen use them to breed worms, 

Gardeners love them for the amazing black gold compost they produce – or get one just for yourself to try and reduce some of the waste going to landfill.

The list below shows what worms can and cannot eat.   The foods in italics mean that they should only be fed in very small amounts (off  dinner plate etc)

What Can Worms Eat?

Vegetable Peelings.
Citrus Fruits
Fruit / Peel.
Coffee / Tea Bags
 Pizza Rice / Pasta
 Crushed Egg Shells.

What Can Worms Eat?

 Cakes/ Biscuits
 Cardboard / Paper.
 Pet / Human Hair
 Hoover Contents
 Baked Beans
 Pet Faeces (Rabbit/Gerbil)
 Pet Faeces(Dog/Cat)

What Can’t Worms Eat?

 Spicy Foods (Curry etc)
 Dairy (Milk, Cream)
 Poisonous Plants
  Insecticides / Pesticides

What Can’t Worms Eat?

 Non- Biodegradable’s
 Solvents Soaps/Cosmetics
 Grass / Lawn Cutting
 Chicken Manure

  • Made In Southampton, England
  • Made From Recycled Plastic
  • Fully Recylable
  • Gardener’s Word Best Buy Wormery
  • Supplied With 500g Composting Worms, Food, Bedding
  • Fast Delivery – Only £8 To Mainland UK  

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