2020 year of the worm, perhaps

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2020 year of the worm, perhaps

Post by Lilwriggler » Fri Jan 10, 2020 8:50 pm

Happy new year to you and your herds!

My herd were perfectly ok whilst i was away and are still very active feeding and breeding despite the temperatures.

They are still working on the apple in one corner and two courgettes which had turned into mouldy cylinders in the fridge whilst we’d been away. The last corner has worm food and droppings and they are going mental over that. In that corner and in the tray underneath in the same corner there is just a ball of happy worms!

Long may it continue

How are others herds?

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Re: 2020 year of the worm, perhaps

Post by Smallthings » Sun Jan 12, 2020 7:44 pm

Happy New Year to you too!

Good to know your herd are doing well on their healthy diet. All is fine with mine too - very mild temps here for time of year but still I'm surprised to find tiny babies exploring the lid on my daily inspections so they're continuing to breed/hatch too. I've three trays on the go at the moment - bottom tray long finished but haven't had chance to do anything with it so have left it there. Middle tray - they're still breaking down the bedding in the top of it but castings looking good - and most worms now in the top tray with the food (or dangling through the holes!). I quite like the thought that they at least have a multi-storey complex to spread out in if they need the space, what with all these new worms still hatching. Occasionally I still find an escapee or two on the floor of the shed, with no obvious reason for their roaming, so have decided some are just more adventurous than others. Always the small to middle-sized ones, though... rebellious teenagers? ;)

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Re: 2020 year of the worm, perhaps

Post by WillyWorm » Mon Jan 13, 2020 9:08 am

It’s good to hear things are going so well for you both.
The mild winter as made things much easier this year.
My worms have had a very mixed diet, for the past few weeks, they have had a wide range of festive season leftovers and “eat before” items. They seem to be able to eat almost anything and stay slim and sleek but when I eat it I just get fat.

All the best

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Re: 2020 year of the worm, perhaps

Post by SuzanJ » Fri May 22, 2020 12:58 pm

It’s good to know that your herds are perfectly fine and you are doing well too. Yes Happy New Year to everyone and hope this year will bring a lot of new hopes in everyone’s life. It’s just that we need to repent and do focus on https://www.essaygeeks.co.uk the real purpose of life.

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