Does the Executive value pack come complete?

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Re: Does the Executive value pack come complete?

Post by wormcity » Thu Jan 08, 2009 10:31 am

Hi Forest !
Other products are sold with optional rain covers, moisture mats, lime mix and worm food.
1) Rain covers arent needed as there aren't any holes in the lid of our wormeries
2) Moisture mats arent needed, they are just a piece of hemp that is placed on the surface of the wormery - which the worms will eventually eat anyway. Just place damp newspaper on the surface, works just as well !
3) Lime Mix - changes the PH value of a wormery - if its gone acidic, the lime mix can change the wormery from acid to alkaline.
ground egg shells do the same job, as the shell is made from calcium carbonate.
We do not recommend using lime mix, because if too much is used you run the danger of changing the environment drastically for the worms, which they won't like.
An early indication of an acidic wormery is a profusion of little white worms called pot worms, a healthy dose of shredded cardboard / paper usually solves the problem
4) Worm Food - Our wormeries come with a small bag of worm food (250g approx), they are fed on this in our worm farms. Its a mix of cereals that helps fatten and increase the breeding rate - once the food is finished - you won't ever need it again, as you want the worms to eat your wastes not worm food
if I use your executive value pack? Can I place it outside in the rain?
Yep - worms are outdoor creatures, and are tolerant of wet and cold
Is it rodent proof
to the best our knowledge rats havn't been able to get in to the executive wormery
When I go to checkout, the VAT of #10 appears on the invoice, is this additional to pay, or is it already included in teh price. Your website is not clear?
The vat is included in the price



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