How many worms

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Re: How many worms

Post by wormcity » Wed Nov 19, 2008 5:42 pm

Hi Sara
Thank you for your question
we send all our wormeries out with a minimum of 500g of mixed composting worms (apart from the childrens wormery which has 250g)
This is the minimum amout that we feel you should start a wormery with.
Too few worms will take ages to multiply

500g of worms = approx 450 - 550 worms.

The worms we send are mixed species
which are :-

Dendrobeana (Eisenia Hortensis)
Red Tiger Worms (Eisenia andrei / Eisenia fetida)

they are also a mixture of mature adults and babies (you will probably see worm eggs in their bedding as well)

The worms are all native to the UK, and will live happily with each other.

I hope that answers your question


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