Restarting old wormery

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Restarting old wormery

Post by klompie » Thu Apr 21, 2022 9:16 am

I stopped using my wormery early last year as I stopped gardening and turned the contents into an empty black council compost bin, worms et all!
I have now started gardening again and that council bin has flourished with seemingly thousands of tiger worms happily surviving. I have been adding suitable worm scraps all throughout the time i didn't garden. That includes the winter season and the worms were virtually always active and chomping away. It has told me that they will thrive even in a semi sunny position! However I'm now back into gardening and about to re-set up as it's an absolute pain to separate worms from compost as I've been doing all along for my indoor plants.
Would the most efficient way to restart be to dump all into the lower trays -maybe in stages- and add new scraps to the top?

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