fixing lid on top of tray

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fixing lid on top of tray

Post by middlepart » Thu Jan 13, 2022 2:00 pm

Sorry for such a basic question but is their a 'trick' to placing the lid on correctly? Ours does not seem to fit.

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Re: fixing lid on top of tray

Post by WillyWorm » Thu Jan 13, 2022 2:29 pm

There is no trick to it. It should just drop in place regardless of which way you put it on. I suggest you contact Wormcity by email with a picture if possible, I’m sure they will try to help. You will get contact details from Wormcity web site.

Good luck

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Re: fixing lid on top of tray

Post by wormcity » Mon Jan 31, 2022 5:16 pm

Two things to try

1) The little lugs on the lid - sometimes these are pushed outwards during delivery. Get a flat-ended knife and very gently push the lug inwards. You can see that they are chamfered, this should then allow the lid to sit

2) if the above doesn't work then put the lid in place with the corner that doesn't sit flush - to the top right of the handle (the handle of the composting tray below). Then pull the handle outwards with your right hand and push down the lid from the top with your left hand. It should slot into place. Slightly difficult to explain but hopefully get the gist!

Once in place, it usually remoulds itself, better in warmer weather as the plastic is more pliant .....

Hopefully, one of the above methods will solve the issue.

There are small gaps between the lid and the top composting tray, Worms won't leave because of it, a healthy wormery will keep its worms!

Also, the 4 holes are there to tie the lid in place if it is windy

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