introducing new worms?

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introducing new worms?

Post by katie » Thu Jan 10, 2019 8:48 pm

Hi all, newbie here.
Forgive me if it's been asked, I've searched the forum a bit but couldnt see anything.
I got given (at my request!) a wormery for Christmas and I love it. I've got a lot of escapees but I think I get most of them.
Obviously it's cold at the moment and not much is happening but I was wondering if I bought additional worms would that speed things up? Can you introduce a new batch to an old one?
I've brought the worms in to a porch but I plan to bring them actually inside the house at night for the next few months. That's another question - can i move them between hot an d cold ok?

Many thanks!

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Re: introducing new worms?

Post by WillyWorm » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:30 am

Hi Katie welcome to the forum and the world of worms.
I’m not sure how many worms you started with. They normally come in units of 1000/1lb/500grams worms these all equate to about the same amount of worms. This represents the minimum viable amount of worms for starting a new bin for most people. If this was your starting amount then there is little point in buying additional worms.
The temperature at this time of year is a major limiting factor to all worm activity and as soon as the temps get above 10c day and night you will see a big difference. Anything you can do to keep the worms warm will help, even small things like siting the bin on a south facing wall will raise the temp a little.
You can introduce new worms into an existing bin with no problem.
I would not move worms between extremes of temperatures ie -5 to +70 because worms locate themselves in the best place in the bin dependent on the prevailing circumstances but in general moving worms is not a problem. Your worms will survive down to freezing point but it’s important the entire bin does not freeze.
Keep up the good work, your worms will soon be making babies and providing you with lots of casting and you will be requesting a second bin this time for your birthday.
All the best

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