Whispers from a winter wormery

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Whispers from a winter wormery

Post by Upcountrygirl »

So I set up my wormery in the dark days of January, and it was freezing outside for weeks and weeks. Would my worms be OK? Breeding was out of the question, they just wanted to snuggle up.

I'd started them off in the integral garage, where the temperature didn't go below 10 degrees C. I'd intended to move them out into the garden after a week or two, but it's been so cold I've kept them indoors and put a temperature sensor inside. I've made the following observations:

10-12 degrees: sleeping
12-14 degrees: not doing much
14-16 degrees: munching happily
16-18 degrees: having babies! :D

Now I think I'll keep them indoors permanently. They are excellent lodgers - they don't smell at all (well, just a smell of fresh earth), they don't get drunk and smash your place up, they don't talk about politics. In fact they don't make any sound at all, only a faint whispering sound when they're really busy. I love them to bits. :heart: Thank you Wormcity
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Re: Whispers from a winter wormery

Post by wormcity »

:D :D
Thanks for your post, it certainly made me smile.

Interesting information about the temperatures and how sluggish the worms become in the colder months - maybe you can post back with an update when (if) the temperatures rise into the late teens and 20s
is it carrot cocktails, quadruplets, and parties on the patio?