Overall great, with one criticism and a couple of questions

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Overall great, with one criticism and a couple of questions

Post by inpots »


Received my wormery and worms yesterday. Overall, it looks great and I'm really pleased with it. Thank you very much.

Reasons I chose a Wormcity wormery:

1) British made (lower environmental impact than importing one).
2) Recycled plastic.
3) Company environmental policy - very pleased with the clearly recycled box it came in, which I have already started recycling into worm-bin accessories.
4) Design - the use of just two moulded pieces to make all the components of the bin (bar the tap and connectors) is brilliant. This bin looked like it was designed by a proper engineer and there is more consideration given to function than form (I'm not saying it's ugly, but there are competitor bins that would look more attractive in my house). Putting substance over style is a definite plus in my books.
5) Came with lots of worms - I took the option to start with 1kg of worms rather than 500g and they arrived looking very happy.
6) Ability to expand with extra trays if needed (and the fact that the base is made from a tray means that if one of the upper trays gets damaged, I can just swap them over without needing to pay for a new part).
7) Helpful and informative instruction leaflet.
8) Large size trays.
9) Sturdy design - if I move it outside later in the year, it won't get knocked over by the local cats.

My one criticism:

1) There are some rather sharp edges on the trays and I cut my hands a couple of times just unpacking it. The worst sharp edges seem to be near the handles. I had to spend time filing the sharp areas down before I could start putting the wormery together. It didn't take terribly long (maybe 20 minutes for a 100L wormery) but I did think that an item should be properly finished before being shipped and the fact that it wasn't takes this from a five star product to a four star one. If sharp edges were fixed using professional machinery, it wouldn't take long and would give a better finish than hand-filing at home (although, I could probably get a good finish at home with some wet glasspaper). I know you must have to cut some manufacturing corners to provide a wormery at this price, but I would have preferred to pay an extra fiver for a finished product than get my hands sliced!


1) I set up my wormery yesterday and kept a light on overnight to discourage escapees. All present this morning and only one hanging out in the lid. Hundreds visible in the area where I scattered the supplied worm food (which looks to have largely disappeared). I'm thinking they may need a handful again in a couple of days, given the extra worms I ordered, rather than waiting a week?

2) I'm hoping that once the worms settle in fully, I can store the extra trays upside down on top of the lid without making it so dark they want to escape. I'm assuming that won't cause problems with air flow? Obviously, those trays will gradually get incorporated into the wormery as the in-use tray(s) get filled up, but for now, I don't really have anywhere else to keep them except for on top.

3) Tray number one sits just above the slump. I lined it with cardboard to stop compost falling through and minimise worms travelling down. In time, I will add tray number two above it. I presume I won't line that tray, as I will want worms to travel up to the new food waste. Eventually, I will have four trays in place, with tray number one as the only lined tray at the bottom. I then remove tray number one, empty it and put it on top. Unlined tray number two is then just above the slump. So, what then prevents things dropping down into the slump? Is it just that the compost will be too compacted to fall and the worms too keen to keep heading upwards? Or should I be lining all my trays? Or do I empty tray two, line it and refill it when tray one gets moved to the top?

Thank you!
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Re: Overall great, with one criticism and a couple of questions

Post by wormcity »

Hi Inpots
Thanks for your comments

When you mention sharp edges, are you talking about thinner plastic on the rim top?

Unfortunately, when these come out of the molding machine the excess plastic needs to be scraped off (the molton plastic is pushed at high force through the steel mold and this is the residue)
This is not a machine job but a manual one and done by hand.
Each side is scraped with a sharp knife to make smooth and we check to make sure no tags are left. I guess you were unlucky to be sent some that hadn't been fully scraped, or we scraped a different way (example smooth left to right - not smooth right to left)
So I can only apologise over this.

1) Yes feed them more - they like the worm food
2) Many customers do this. They won't want to escape anyway once settled
3) You are correct - you don't line tray number 2 - or any other. When eventually all the trays are being used the cardboard on the bottom tray (tray 1) will have been eaten anyway.
The worms will be in the higher trays so shouldn't venture down into the sump.
Hope that makes sense!