Love my wormery

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Love my wormery

Post by Upcountrygirl »

I got my wormery about 10 days ago and set it up, closely following the instructions. Irma and all her friends and relations are happily squirming around in there. I hope Hermes and Aphrodite will get together soon and, erm, make some little ones!

January seems a daft time to set up a wormery but I wanted to hit the ground running by the summer. To start with I've put my wormery in our (integral) garage where the temperature is a pretty steady 14-16 C and the light can be left on to stop escapees. I did turn the light off after a week, but on checking about two hours later I found three of the little beggars going AWOL so the light's back on again! Once the weather warms up I'll move the wormery to the greenhouse and eventually into the garden.

I went for the 125 litre model as we have lots of kitchen waste (lots of fresh veg and home cooking) and I want to make useful amounts of compost in the longer term.

Thanks Wormcity for a great product, a simple yet effective design, and lots of helpful information. it seems well worth the money, and unaccountably fascinating!
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Re: Love my wormery

Post by wormcity »

Thanks for writing here - I appreciate it

Great names for your worms - Bet you can't pick out Hermes from Aphrodite though?

Winter seems a strange time to start a wormery, but it isn't.
It takes time for a wormery to establish so by the time spring comes Hermes and Aphrodite will be ready and willing to .... 'go for it' and make some babies (they are even when it's cold - but more inclined to snuggle together)