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Newbe to the wonderful world of worms.

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2022 7:26 am
by Wiggly24
Hi newbe here to the wonderful world of worms.
Received my new wormcity wormery May this year, set up straight away, in our kitchen, as we only have a decked terrace. (live in a flat) Hope keeping it here is ok ?
Had quite a few escapees the first two weeks, but that was fun finding them all and putting them back every morning, hoping I hadn’t missed any, didn’t want to loose my precious cargo! But that all settled down by week 3.
Anyway since then everything has been ticking over, they are now moving up to the second tray, but I still have quite a few in the first tray, probably due to there still been paper in the tray?
What I would like to know is just how much food can we place in there everyday? Have been doing the corners, then covering with damp newspaper? Is this right? When eat a lot of veg so always have peeling lettuce leaves, plus dried egg shells, tea bags and coffee etc can we put a lot more in ? And do we keep covering the food with paper?
Always have a few also in the sump, keep placing them back in the trays, but few always go back, is this ok ?
Thank you and hi to all the wormcity crew.

Re: Newbe to the wonderful world of worms.

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2022 10:43 pm
by WillyWorm
Hi welcome to the world of worms. Congratulations it sounds like you have made a great start to worm farming by managing to keep your herd from wondering every night.
Over feeding is the biggest mistake most newbies make at the beginning of their apprenticeship in the art of vermicomposting. We have all read or heard about worms being able to eat half their own body weight of food per day, even that they can consume their own body weight of food each day. Worms can eat a lot of food but to eat even half their body weight the conditions need to be perfect. The right temperature, the right age/maturity of bin, the correct population density for the size of bin, the correct food, and a number of other things which need to be just right. This is something few people like us, with small bin tucked away in the garden can dream of achieving.
With a new bin it’s best to start slowly give small amounts daily, if when you come to the corner you fed four days ago if there is food there then don’t feed, if the is no food there feed a little more than you did last time. You will soon get used the amount to provide.
Yes you should continue to add bedding material with each feed. A worms meal should be made up of approximately 30 part carbon to one part nitrogen as a rough guide that works out at one part, by volume, kitchen scraps to two parts, by volume, bedding (shredded paper, cardboard, leaves etc). It is important to maintain this ratio for the health of your worms and the worm bin. Allowing the carbon level to drop could result in your bin becoming smelly and slimy, this is the start of anaerobic conditions which can result in your worms death.

Good luck

Re: Newbe to the wonderful world of worms.

Posted: Sat Aug 13, 2022 6:11 pm
by Wiggly24
Thank you so much for your reply, looks like we are on track with them, so will keep doing as we are

Thank you :)