Our Beautifully Designed Wormcity Wormery - Made For Happy Worms !


New to the market is the Wormcity Wormery. Designed in Hampshire and manufactured in Dorset from recycled UV protected plastic, this wormery is both functional and attractive.

It can be placed anywhere in your home or garden (though not in full sun) and will create an attractive focal point that will be sure to get all your neighbours talking (and wanting one !).

The Wormcity Wormery is an easy to use stacking wormery, the basic 75 litre model comprises of the following

  • 3 x Composting Trays 25 Litres (75 Litres Total) (also available with 2 or 4 trays)
  • 1 x Sump (for Liquid Collection)
  • 1 x Sump Tray
  • 1 x Base Unit Stand
  • 1 x Easy Turn Tap and Back Nut
  • 1 x Lid
  • 2 x Screws and Wingnuts
  • 1 x Coir Block (Makes 9 Litres of Initial Bedding)
  • 500g Mixed Composting Worms
  • 250g Worm Food
  • Instructions
  • Colour = Dark Green / Black

Wormery warrantyStacking wormeries are proven to be much easier to manage than 'dustbin' type wormeries. Not only are they more beneficial to the worms (increased air flow and surface area) but they are easier to manage and empty.

Basically each composting tray has small holes in the base, and as composting worms are surface dwellers, they continuously move upwards in search of new food.
This means that the worms eat all the food and venture into the upper trays leaving the vermicompost (worm poo) behind.
This compost can then be removed - placed on your garden and the empty tray placed back on the top.

The Wormcity Wormery comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee and a "no quibble" return if your not entirely happy with this outstanding wormery.

Available in Dark Green and Black


Why You Should Buy The Wormcity ® Wormery



True 25 Litre Per Tray Size = 50, 75 or 100 Litre Wormery


wormeryIn a wormery size really DOES matter. It has to be large enough to handle waste efficiently - but not too big to be impossible to lift.

Composting worms usually live in the top 6 inches (15 cm's) of waste, however in colder temperatures the natural response for worms is to find a warmer spot, this place is usually deeper down in the soil, because there is more insulation.
So by making the Wormcity wormery 17cms deep we keep the worms happy all year round and feeling 'at home'

Each tray in the Wormcity Wormery holds 25.2 litres of waste.wormworks
Each tray has handles to make lifting and emptying easier.
Each tray is 43cms wide x 43cms long, and 17cm high.

The Wormcity Wormery (far left) shows how much bigger it is against other similar wormeries on the market.
In fact it is 60% bigger which really makes a difference !

Although the footprint is nearly the same - the trays are slightly deeper and the surface area is larger.




Specially Designed Drown Proof Sump


wormeryAlthough composting worms are surface eaters and therefore travel upwards in search of food, they do occasionally fall downwards into the sump, where they would normally drown and die.

Our sump has been specially designed (with steps) so that if any worms fall downwards they can easily clamber back up to safety.

Also because of the steps the worms won't slide back down
The worm tea liquid is channeled to the tap for easy emptying. The sump holds approx 9 litres of liquid








Strong Base - Will Not Collapse



The Wormcity Wormery is screwed onto a base unit. This stops the wormery from sliding off or falling apart when the trays are lifted.

wormeryThe base is very strong and will not warp or bend and will prevent the wormery from toppling over.
When we designed the wormery we thought about adding a cut out to give the impression of legs.
However we found that the base then splayed outwards with the extra weight, so the base was left in one piece.









Trays Rest On The Food Below


The trays have been designed so that they slide down inside each other.
As the worms eat the food and produce vermicompost (worm poo) the volume in the tray decreases, therefore if the trays don't slide down properly - a space is created between the layers which would prevent the worms from climbing upwards into the next tray.

Worms cannot jump !






Sold With A Minimum Of 500g Composting Worms


wormeryThe Wormcity Wormery is sold with a minimum of 500g mixed composting worms. Dependent on worm size and age this could be anything from 400 - 1000 worms. Babies, Worm eggs and fully mature adults are all sent with the wormery in a breathable bag.

500g is the minimum amount of worms needed to start a wormery off successfully. The more worms you start with the quicker they will breed, and the more they will eat.

The biggest reason for failure when starting a wormery is because the worms are overfed. Therefore it makes sense to start with a many worms as possible

Our worms are a mixture of Red / Tiger Worms (Eisenia andrei / fetida) & Dendrobaena Worms (Eisenia hortensis)

There is a great deal of debate about what worm is better. Tiger worms V Dendrobaena Worms.
Tiger worms eat their body weight in waste per day and weigh between 0.5 - 1.0 gram
Dendrobaena worms eat half their body weight per day and weigh between 1.0 - 2.0 grams
Tiger worms breed faster than Dendrobaena
Dendrobaena can endure more acidic conditions, and colder temperatures.



Designed And Manufactured By Wormcity Ltd


wormeryWith many years of worm composting experience behind us, we took note of all the good and bad features of our competitors wormeries and suggestions made by our customers.

We wanted to produce a wormery that hadn't been imported from Australia, America or China.

We wanted to produce a wormery that was strong, easy to manage and aesthetically pleasing.

We wanted to produce a wormery that was big enough for family use, with a decent surface area that would produce happy productive worms and make great vermicompost.

We wanted to make a wormery that was affordable - Just because it is cheaper does NOT make the Wormcity wormery inferior to its competitors.

So... We Created The Wormcity Wormery. Probably the best wormery ever created !

Designed, Manufactured And Proudly Dispatched From Hampshire -
South Coast Of England - UK



Made Locally In Hants - England
So - Not Imported From China !
Made From Recycled Plastic
5 Year Warranty
Specially Designed Sump
Attractive Looking Design
Strong - Will Not Collapse
Trays Rest On Food Below
Complete With 500g Worms
25 Litre Per Tray Size
Big Enough For Family Use
24 Hour Delivery As Standard
Quick and Friendly Service



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